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Happy Sandscapes

This is simply a good vibes blog! Sharing with you places, food, people, ideas, and activities in and out of the sandbox that can perk you up.

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Happy Sandscaping in Saudi Arabia
Life within Open Horizons

In every grain of sand there is a story to tell. This is a story made in a vast patch of sand.

Sandscape, according to Macmillan Dictionary, is a pattern on a sandy beach, made as a form of natural art.

Saudi Arabia is our sandscape, and it is a happy one to be in. Thus, the name Happy Sandscapes. It is a blog featuring anything beautiful, delicious, colorful, fun, and educational in KSA.

Like just the word landscape which means a beautiful piece of land, we see Saudi Arabia as an amazing desert (sand) with a lot to offer to the world.

Our Facebook page, Happy Sandscapes, was born out of our inspiring thoughts about our host country – the food, places, culture, and people. It encapsulates ordinary expats’ thoughts pertaining to “life in wonder, beauty and love”, as we deeply believe that these three elements are what propel our platform to continue spreading positivity.

Life is a wonder. It never ceases to amaze us and make us smile for a moment.
In Happy Sandscapes, we simply share the normal things that we do, eat, cook, and go to in Saudi Arabia. These are just our daily routines that we like doing, food that we enjoy eating and cooking, and new places to be in the Kingdom.

Life is a beauty. It makes us appreciate the sights and sounds, and everything in between. Those who have not lived in Saudi Arabia may never understand the charm of this Gulf country which has been home to millions of expats for several decades. Having been here for almost five years, we’ve been learning more about the beauty of this land – the vast deserts, lush gardens, mystique caves, lush greeneries, and great shorelines.

Life is love. It gives us reasons to embrace whatever comes our way. When Covid-19 rocked the whole world, Saudi Arabia was our safe zone. To avoid getting depressed with the impact of the pandemic to our lives, we started sharing things we missed doing in the Kingdom and also back in our home country, the Philippines. Suddenly, we found ourselves also sharing happy things that we see in our newsfeed – friends’ cooking and baking creations, travel throwbacks, new online businesses, fun hobbies, inspiring infographics, and funny memes.

As we ease up and settle in this new normal, we hope to continue showcasing our exciting adventures, cheap thrills, occasional luxuries, and bargain finds in and out of the Middle East. Lots of recipes, life stories, self-care tips, crafts, and Do-It-Yourself activities too—the list is endless! Come and join the ride with us, and let us discover more of the world. Happy Sandscaping!

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